Last Week – Camel Boy Goes To Kauai

Last week I came back from the 2018 MKEMMA Live Experience in Kauai, Hawaii and all the rumors are true, really there’s #nothinglikeit !!! Mark J, the Fabuolus Davene, Dayna, Jason, Jackie, Gigi, Claes, all the rest of the staff, guides, Masterguides, and of course many many kindred spirits, made last week one of the most exciting adventures in my life. Never thought there would be something that could make me want to live outside of México, until I visited Kauai. It will also benefit our starting and growing business to make the crossover and begin experimenting with the US marketplace, which is super exciting.

Ok, ok, dear reader, I might be too sped up, and the fact is that I am. Let me explain: back in September 2017 I decided to answer this invitation to take a self development course called Master Key Experience Mastermind Alliance, and all the signals in my life had been aligning for me to take it, so I dove myself into it and immediately saw changes in my life, developed many new productive habits (even started this blog thing) and mostly, started to see how incredibly freeing and calming it is to gain full control of our own minds. Having many visions manifested into real life blessings, to me there is no doubt the principles of The Master Key System flawlessly work and work all the time, to me there is no magic behind, but a real knowledge of the hidden natural forces working in the invisible to tilt ground on our favor and have our sails up high no matter where the wind blows.

I got awarded the annual free trip to the Live Experience this year and I couldn’t be more grateful! It was a total surprise since the beginning and every moment over there was pure magic. The island felt like a big playground to me, has so much of what I enjoy in life and totally hooked my heart in many ways, my goal for the next twelve months is to be moving to live there for a few years, at first, then would decide if I stay longer or would like to explore a different territory before opening up again and look for a special female counterpart. I feel confident, now playing by natural rules, obsessed with point 5 of my Blueprint Builder, that in fact I can be what I will to be.

Still growing, still learning, and getting more and more experienced thriving into the unknown, and sure that the hero’s journey really never ends, now my plans are bigger and I’m working on them, time to update my DMP again.

The course of the Master Keys came to an end in April, and back then, just as Mark mentioned “…not wanting it to be over.” It happened to me, drifting away meant I didn’t want for it to be over. Reading the same lesson for weeks, forgetting to cross the”wills” of Oggie… It was just refusal of the ongoing call, pathetic…

Because when I follow the principles, things go right all the time, and I’m not supposed to place conditions or to question the form of the blessings the universe has for me.

The mental habits are still piling up, climbing to unexpected heights of mastery and peace. The business my sister and I are building together, RMBLR Supply, offering travel accessories to modern travelers, has broken records, selling 250 units the last 30 days, and we’ve only been selling for 3 months. Soon, we’ll have 6 products on our catalog and would be able to make my move to the island, and keep helping more travelers and let them help us educate the migrant children with our culture of giving back to the people.

Money? Yes, in a week I get what used to be in a month, and things are getting brighter. And yet what makes me the happiest is not that, because I’m sure that part is covered for me. The thing that makes me the happiest is that I’m focused on things that are more valuable than money, and I know exactly what I’d require to do for me to achieve more blessings, more visions of joy and peace, those are the true gold of life.

Keep an eye on this blog, kind reader. I will document my journey the best I can for you. Not to brag or show you how it is done, rather than to inspire your own journey to your personal paradise island.
<One Love>

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