Week 1 Year 2 – Welcome, got a tip for ya’

Welcome, kind reader, thanks for being here!

Well, The Master Key Experience 2018 has begun and I couldn’t be more excited. The discoveries, the teachings, the revelations, the new friendships, MKE has all that, x 100.

I’m sure this year is going to be epic because I can totally feel the inertia building up everywhere. And I recorded a little special tip at the end for all of you who are already taking the course this year.

Since my previous year blog post average time was 2 days and it kind of gave me the habit of late completer, I’m putting out to the universe my creativity in this new video format, out of desperation (kidding… Not). It is live, raw & uncut commentary about me introducing myself and how the MKE helped me since last year and then a Very important tip for first time members at the end. I really hope you like this and can find the value I’m trying to deliver. Realized there was a bit of noise that I’ll be eliminating for next episodes if you tell me this is something you’ll like to see more of, k???

So let me know and enjoy! =)

>One Love <



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