Week 2 Year 2 – And so starts the progression

Hello kind reader, welcome to the 2nd week, where the instruction really starts.

We’ll begin building the mental progression so we can start really training our… Just watch the video and let me know your thoughts on the comment section,would ya? 😉


9 thoughts on “Week 2 Year 2 – And so starts the progression”

  1. Hi this is Cindy good to see you. I would like to comment that it was hard to hear you because the cars the wind and your gears for your bike were clicking so I would’ve loved to hear everything without trying to concentrate on hearing you. But I did like what you said you have a lot of great points and ideas and you’re a great biker so I will call you the mastermind biker guy. Great stuff if you can talk while you’re riding the bike and thinking and videotaping you are a master anyway. Very creative yahoo

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  2. Love it, the mastermind biker! I agree with Cindy that it was somewhat difficult to hear you. An idea, if you still want to ride bike in your vlogs, you could do a voice over. Though that may take some video editing skill, but they would be helpful skills for a vlogger such as yourself 😉. Peace!

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  3. Loved your blog video..great way to share your thoughts. It was a little difficult to hear some if it. I did like the part about our subby being a little child…and likening MKE to how our parents taught us. Only difference I see now is that our subby isn’t a clean slate as it was in childhood. Thru MKE we are learning to wipe the slate clean with new programming….whewwweee! Get ready for the ride of your life.

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