Week 4 Year 2 – Becoming Irresistible

Week 4 of the MKEMMA 2018 Vlog Posts being open about obstacles with my service card last week.

“…many men and women have found sadly that is easier to control a kingdom than to control themselves.” -The Master Key; 4-13

And how we are becoming aware of the relations we share with the Universal Mind and All There Is by acknowledging our creative powers with which we come in contact with the Spirit substance within us, within everyone, within everything in existence. We are linking thought and feeling. We are becoming irresistible.

“…you will have found the “World Within” which controls the world without; you will have become irresistible…” -The Master Key; 4-14

Be bold and comment what has been your struggle during the first 4 weeks of the Master Key Experience 2018

Watch it here

One Love.



6 thoughts on “Week 4 Year 2 – Becoming Irresistible”

  1. Yes Aljandro i have wrestled with this point from last year, i come from a family of severe controllers and we wonder the cause when things do not stay in rythm and here i can connect or link to that 4:13 with 4:32 but says 4:25 Over-work or over-play or over-bodily activity of any kind produces conditions of mental apathy and stagnation which make it impossible to do the more important work with results in the conscious power. I can see how all of this chapter goes together. meditation is the key, silence in the inner self. thanks for putting out the question because i only had one answer at the beginning, now look. ha keep going my fellow masterminder

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    1. Oh I know! This week is specially rough on heavy controllers, like me! Hahaha Well, now we can learn to flip that! “Now is time to do the effort.”

      Thanks for being such a brave spirit and choosing to step into the growth zone, Cindy.

      Iron sharpens iron.



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