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A Bunch of People Who Like to Travel Donate $500,000 to the Education of Migrant and Foster Children.

Entrepreneur Magazine, Mexico City, December 28 2019
Patricia and Alejandro González are two siblings who back in 2017 decided to stop listening to doubts and excuses and set out to build their own idea of a perfect world, and to them, it looked like a global empire, manifested as an international brand of travel accessories. Today, in the names of their more than 9,000 customers, are donating half a million pesos to help and educate migrant and foster children.
“He called me one day and said ‘We’d better quit playing small.'”
Says the beautiful Patricia González, about the day the business idea came to existence. Looking bright and radiant, the brother and sister dream team dress casual comfy everyday clothes, never suits and ties, and are always laughing, sharing ideas and picking up inspiration everywhere; oftentimes interrupting this interview to quickly go back and forth with questions, ideas, details, or jokes about a specific project or opportunity. Yes, they’re sooo funny together, Alejandro (ladies, single ;)) is dry as a brick but Patricia always knows how to break the silence and add her delightful sense of humor. You can tell they really can’t stop pouring their souls into their business and they give off an electrifying vibe -seriously. With humble roots, a bias for action, kindness and a clear mind and heart, they are a team you wanna be close to. They just make you feel good!

“I remember when I was hardly making over $100k a year as an architect, now thanks to thousands of loyal and enthusiastic travelers, we are able to donate not only $500k to Help The Children, but also 1,000 brand new copies of Joey, La Pequeña Gran Jirafa, a children’s book by Mark Januszewski which teaches the 7 pillars to stand tall in life and overcome any obstacles.”

We met them at the open air café located at the 9th floor of Sears Centro Histórico, overlooking Palacio de Bellas Artes on a overcast cool late December morning for breakfast and to talk about the late successes their brand has had, plans for the expansion and also their recent donation of half a million pesos to Save The Children México, charitable organization aiding infants since WWI.
Patricia and Alejandro wanted to thank and recognize their loyal and enthusiastic customers who go around the globe making an impact by following their passion. The brand’s social approach is a cause very close to the duo’s heart’s, who feel blessed to have such a raving crowd of ramblers fulfilling their dreams.

“They just can’t sit still!”
Laughs Patricia.
And wait, there’s more. Yes, they’re also looking for talent.

It all started with a phone call and a meeting at a hotel bar in Guadalajara, their home city. Those were the “rough years” as Alejandro mentions. They met and talked about how they were sick of being sick of running after money (money seemed to outrun them every month) and how a definitive solution was needed at that point in their lives not only for them but for their parent’s tranquility as well. In fact, mom & dad had play key roles on operations since the early beginnings and still do so to this day. Paty, working overtime as saleswoman for a car dealership, her high-heeled sore feet digging into warm beach sand merely 2 weeks a year and being yelled at by nasty customers every other day, came almost 2 hours late to the meeting. Alejandro, as a freelance 3D artist doing “…HEAVY rendering jobs for lighter and lighter paychecks!” until dawn, had inverse sunmarks from sitting in front of the computer for weeks at a time. The beginning of the end, of the rough years that is, was that night.

The small, but that instantly proved hugely successful idea was, to go niche, to take advantage of the increasing tourism market and how most of those tourists were going heavily into e-commerce solutions and how, most of them, are good people. Their answer was to start an international brand of travel accessories like the world has never seen.

“Our model is simple, we are in volume operations, we are an end customer retailer via the e-comm channel leveraging tech investments in fields such as logis-“
Alejandro calmly responds our question about their business model, while Paty slaps him on the shoulder, bursting out in laughter.

“Hahahaha no, you dork! The part that actually IS the business!”

“Ooooh, the business part, yeah!”

he continues,

“…we add value to the world by providing a platform and solving traveler’s problems. It means that we offer top notch travel accessories to passionate ramblers at great prices and with every purchase they make with us they have the opportunity to ACTUALLY help a migrant children . We based the existence of our quest on 2 main pillars. First, that we as humans are explorers by nature, and second, that all humans are basically good. Think about it honestly, who doesn’t want to leave a positive legacy? We view ourselves as a bridge between worlds, sustained by the force of nature. Human nature.”

Paty takes extraordinary care of social networks providing daily feed for travel inspiration with her endless wanderlust through the globe, her great eye, love for poetry and harvesting relations, while Alejandro is behind marketing campaigns and

” Percentages! Ask him about percentages all day!”

We all laugh out loud at the same time. Two minutes ago, Alejandro’s eyes were firing up at me, while almost yelling something about a 2 figure yearly percentage increase. And most of all, the duo always agree on the next step for the logo with a clear timeframe in mind.

“We want to look back a hundred years from now and see that we did our best, so our actions are taken to make our brand’s heart shine of happiness in a century. Like my brother likes to say, we really wanna compete with the immortals!”

The fact is that, like a magnet, success is AFTER them now. Their first product, a small portable chamois-type towel with a carrying case (the first towel you’ll pack wet but won’t wet your luggage, –I’m seriously in love with mine) provided the first million in sales the first 12 months. And by always listening to their client’s desires, a very select catalogue of accessories that truly work and a very careful joint venture strategy online that led the floodgates open to avid travelers, the fact is now the new explorers and the frequent flyers both love and swear by their products.


Now, they have a very special ask for us in their entrepreneur journey.

Since the early momentum of the venture, the need for more hands was clear and now the scale is major. So they want us to kick off their new talent acquisition campaign. They are looking for young blood for great positions in México and abroad. Interested candidates with proof of work in areas like photography, finance, web, marketing, production, any kind of design or programming and willing to, or currently traveling, –a.k.a. seeing the world for their own eyes– should send their portfolio and details to to be contacted as soon as possible.

And finally, Alejandro let us in a little secret about what we can almost call a “Midas touch,” after we made all our questions.

“It’s really not the accessories, nor the logo, nor the market, not the ad campaigns, not even our business idea! People who are outwardly oriented make the mistake of thinking so. We base our actions on the greater good, we see ourselves as nothing but the channel by which the Universal is being differentiated into form, we simply obey natural laws. There is simply no way we could be doing this well, without being the broadest river we could be by which the universal waters can quench more thirst and fertilize more minds and, we honestly couldn’t have done it in one lifetime without all the knowledge from the Master Key Experience by my friend Mark J., his fabulous wife and their ‘Give More’ way of life.”

To read the full interview and know more about how they started the brand as well as more details about the qualification process and available positions go to


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    1. Thank you Nancy, me too. Seriously, this looks sooo big for conscious mind that makes my knees weak but I fully trust law of nature and I know I just can’t fail, time’s on my side. Thanks for bringing a helping hand & loving heart.

      Will leave this entry posted after updating Press Release page with it as I’d like to allow people to comment on the most personal and intimate of topics we are publishing during the class. Every time I read a new blog, the PR is the first thing I go to in order to get a close feel of the writer’s heart & mind. I think we put more effort into it cuz there’s tons of short weekly posts and only one long PR. I love PRs! More PRs!

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