Week 10 Year 2 – Possibilities-R-Us



Hi, this is Alejandro, and this is my bike. Welcome to week 10 of the Master Key Master Mind Alliance video blog posts. Let’s go!

Ok, Part 10 comes with HUGE revelations for the dedicated student. And by dedicated student I mean those who are willing to pay the price of knowledge, those who are not afraid of detail, constant hard facts. Unlike “the ordinary man” mentioned in the intro. We all know that type of person, maybe very intimately. Instead of looking for the root cause of truth, confine themselves to lives of mediocrity with excuses and justifications.

Our study has left us with firm assurance that everything that exists is subject to proof, that this Universe is governed by Law and that we can produce any desired condition upon ourselves, much like taking a placebo of our choice.

Now, Part 10 is teaching us more about which these Laws are, how they operate, and how we can align ourselves to those Laws so they work in our favor. Those are only Natural Laws. For example, the abundance with which Nature yields and produces more life from life, feeding from life. Our minds are our tool to access these Omnipresent Laws of Nature. So, it is only Nature at work, when we entertain a thought, the Law of Subconscious begins to operate either to our advantage or our demise. Then, the Law of Growth will just keep amplifying the conditions we experience in the material world. But let’s don’t get confused, Haanel mentions we are useless in terms of assisting the Laws, we can only comply with them and the results will occur.

So the possibilities are endless, really to what we can build for ourselves and our lives. No matter the wind, we can control the sails.

Paragraph 17 reads: “It has been explained that the law of causation depends upon polarity, a circuit must be formed; this circuit cannot be formed unless we operate in harmony with the law. How shall we operate in harmony with the law unless we know what the law is? How shall we know what the Law is? By study, by observation.”

And 19: “If your thought is in harmony with the creative Principle of Nature, it is in tune with the Infinite Mind, and it will form the circuit, it will not return to you void; but it is possible for you to think thoughts that are not in tune with the Infinite, and when there is no polarity, the circuit is not formed. What, then, is the result? What is the result when a dynamo is generating electricity, the circuit is cut off and there is no outlet? The dynamo stops.”

Really the possibilities lie inside of us, folks.

Let me share with you a video of a guy called Wim Hof to take the point a little more close to home, because he talks about the possibilities lying dormant inside everyone and what the release of those natural forces, en masse, could be for our lives in this planet.

Hope you enjoyed this week’s ride and got some value. Please share your thoughts about where you see your possibilities and see you next time.

<One Love>


“Conquer Your Mind with Wim Hof”



2 thoughts on “Week 10 Year 2 – Possibilities-R-Us”

  1. “Subconscious begins to operate either to our advantage or our demise.” Demise. hmmm. Either we are growing or we are dying. It is a powerful, scary thought that our subby can cause our demise – but we have all seen that happen by observing others and the shit storm they make of their lives due to their beliefs. Powerful stuff here, Alejandro!

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