The Death of Bees

One out of three meals eaten by humans is made possible by honey bees. The dollar value of plants pollinated by them each year is around $265 billion usd. And they are dying.


You may not be aware nor heard about this, it is not sexy front-page news, really. Or, maybe you have, but don’t believe we could be the reason why honey bees are going extinct, that’s what beekeepers are for, right?


Bee keepers all over the world have seen annual losses of 30-90% of their colonies in what was named Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) in 2006, something I’ve followed since then. Food we take for granted would just stop existing without bees, so I invite you to watch the video at the end.


But, what can you do to save them?


Well, one thing you can do is join me and my friends at the #MKEMMA. We donate $$$ every year to bee protection programs, because we believe that if honey bees die out, we certainly will follow a few years later. And we think that would not be fun, like, at all!


Let me know if you’d like to join us and be on the solution side. Meanwhile, take 6 minutes to inform you with the video below.


One Love




2 thoughts on “The Death of Bees”

  1. Haven’t taken the time yet (ALTHOUGH i INTEND TO) to watch the video, Alejandro. Nevertheless, so many of today’s challenges can be summarized in the lessons taught by “BROTHER BUZZ.” When and why is a B sometimes better than an A? And isn’t it just like the bee that on the front end the survival of all mankind depends, while on the back end exists the stinger. The sweet intensity of honey for those allergic is like a Medusa curse. And the pollination it performs so critical, sugar, in general, has been linked to so many health conditions — diabetes and cancer to name just two. Whew! Now let’s see what your video has in store. Bet it’s more. 🙂


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