Movie Report: The Good Lie 5/5 (Spoilers)

OMG I’m crying my eyes out!! They took Theeeeeeeeooooooooo!!!
“You’re chief now, Theo.”
Now seriously, what a gorgeous, powerful, astonishing, crude story.


Indeed not suitable for children but, really never expected it to be THAT punchy!


The story shows how a group of kids is affected by the hard reality that was the Second Sudanese Civil War, one of the longest ever, from 1993 to 2005, between the Sudanese government and the Sudanese People Liberation Army (SPLA) and during which, around 2 million lives were lost and hundreds of thousands where displaced. Mostly innocent villagers and tribes, whose few survivors fled first east to Ethiopia and then south to Kenya after having their hut burnt down and their cattle and relatives shot and killed mercilessly either by soldiers who liquidated them as allies of the rebellion, or by rebels looting and destabilizing the country.


These kids faced the hardest conditions during months of exodus through the roughest african desert and not everyone made it. The group quickly dwindles until they reach their final destination, a UNICEF refugee camp on the Kenya border. And even there, one last kid of the gang dies, of sickness and dehydration.


Our last kids, now young adults after more than 10 years in the camp, got adopted by a US Immigration program so they are given new passports and flown there where they begin the shocking process of cultural integration. So imagine what happens when these young men who grew up to herd cattle and fight off lions try to make a living in the land of Uncle Sam.
“We’re on the list!!”
Laughs, tears, anger, happiness, fear, faith, sadness, surprise, love, and a small touch of a foreign reality are totally guaranteed for you in The Good Lie. And I say small touch because actually, I’ve read excerpts from the book it is based upon and, believe me, they turned it down a lot for the screen version!


And this movie only speaks one side of the story, think about this, the SPLA has the record for most children soldiers used in an armed conflict, having RELEASED 16,000 by 2003!!


Nothing less than a raw account narrated by the voice of those who managed to survive through it.
“Alright, got your luggage?”
Really a heartwarming story of endurance of the human spirit amidst all obstacles possible, and reflecting perfect harmony with the principles of the Master Key we’ve been studying so far.


Super grateful for having the chance of learning through these kid’s harsh experience in life!




I totally recommend this movie, it will grab you from beginning to end, so go ahead and WATCH IT NOOOW! 😉


>One Love<



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