Week 12 Year 2 – Laws-R-Us

This week I was thinking about our lawful lives. We are always living by laws, but we’re not always complying with the correct side.

Hope you find some value with this entry.

Thanks for watching.

One Love



Hi, this is Alejandro and this is my bike. Welcome to the quickest catch up in blog history, folks. Let’s go.

This week also came with great insights and specially one mayor revelation that is unfolding from within each one of us.

Tying in with what we’ve been learning and applying we can’t but confess that Natural Laws operate through us, creating the physical representation of our predominant thoughts.

I just want to briefly share 2 paragraphs that explain why sometimes we have hard times in grasping this whole idea, and how we can grow into full understanding if we just let the Laws operate for us:

23. “Man is so constituted that he must first create the tools, or implements by which he gains the power to think. The mind cannot comprehend an entirely new idea until a corresponding vibratory brain cell has been prepared to receive it. This explains why it is so difficult for us to receive or appreciate an entirely new idea; we have no brain cell capable of receiving it; we are therefore incredulous; we do not believe it.”

24. “If, therefore, you have not been familiar with the Omnipotence of the law of attraction, and the scientific method by which it can be put into operation, or if you have not been familiar with the unlimited possibilities which it opens to those who are enabled to take advantage of the resources it offers, begin now and create the necessary brain cells which will enable you to comprehend the unlimited powers which may be yours by cooperating with Natural Law. This is done by concentration or attention.”

The point is that we see nature so outside of us, and we’re so identified with our individualism that we experience a society broken from Nature and ignorant of Natural Law but not free from experiencing the consequences. I just feel endless gratitude that we’re using cool tricks to help us align with the Laws. Can you feel it too?

Hope this has some value for you, folks, and please share with me what kind of Laws you want to live by or live by in your life. See you next week, amigos.

>One Love<



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