Last Week – Camel Boy Goes To Kauai

Last week I came back from the 2018 MKEMMA Live Experience in Kauai, Hawaii and all the rumors are true, really there's #nothinglikeit !!! Mark J, the Fabuolus Davene, Dayna, Jason, Jackie, Gigi, Claes, all the rest of the staff, guides, Masterguides, and of course many many kindred spirits, made last week one of the… Seguir leyendo Last Week – Camel Boy Goes To Kauai


Week 26 – The Only Activity

“Cause and effect is as absolute and undeviating in the hidden realm of thought as in the world of visible and material things. Mind is the master weaver, both of the interior garment of character and the outer garment of circumstance.” –James Allen Patient reader, thank you for being here, please prepare for the second… Seguir leyendo Week 26 – The Only Activity

>Week 25 – The Only Substance >Semana 25 – La Única Sustancia

>Linking, recognizing, relating, assimilating, applying; exercising some of the gifts that the MKE provided me I set out to explore topics I consider can provide key answers to the trained student as well as the beginner trying to make sense of what happens around and inside him or her, as they provided answers on my… Seguir leyendo >Week 25 – The Only Substance >Semana 25 – La Única Sustancia

>Week 24 – We are the chosen ones >Semana 24 – Somos los elegidos

>Like the seed that sprouts and starts growing out of the ground with all the force and confidence towards the light, so too we are sprouting from darkness into light. That plant grows unaware of what may lie ahead tomorrow, may it be a clear or overcast sky, but today it does nothing but to… Seguir leyendo >Week 24 – We are the chosen ones >Semana 24 – Somos los elegidos

>Week 22 – You can’t stop it >Semana 22 – No puedes detenerlo

…Continues (17-11) “There is always the cry ‘to have’ but never the cry ‘to be;’” How can you be elated to announce there’s a death in the family? Easy. Make sure the one who dies is your own looser self. Today, thanks to the MKE, tears of joy overflow my eyes because I can announce,… Seguir leyendo >Week 22 – You can’t stop it >Semana 22 – No puedes detenerlo

>Week 21 – Death in the family > Semana 21 – Muerte en la familia

…continues… Thinking back to all the “life-defining moments” I’ve come across in my path I arrived to the realisation that, unlike the movies perfectly scripted, directed and framed crucial moments in the journey of the hero, all of them have taken place in days that looked just like today. My moments to excel have all… Seguir leyendo >Week 21 – Death in the family > Semana 21 – Muerte en la familia