Week 22A Year 3 – Week 22A Notes

Hello wanderers, welcome to A Master Key System dot com. Take a look at this week's notes and while you're at it consider your own life and how great it is, think about the greatness lying within you, how you can act and treat other people with greatness. Lori Hammond did an awesome job sharing… Continue reading Week 22A Year 3 – Week 22A Notes

Week 17 Year 3 – A quote by H. W. Beecher

Hello there, amigos! It is no surprise to find great thoughts and insights spread all over the Master Key System by many a great thinkers & leaders. After all, it is only one of the most respected works that has stood the test of modern times, right? Well, Part 16 is no exception. And, to… Continue reading Week 17 Year 3 – A quote by H. W. Beecher

Week 15 Year 3 – Week 15 Notes

Hello, guys! Welcome back! This webby was heavy, hard-hitting fact after another. Exciting times. Starting with the thrilling progression of the Franklin Makeover, focusing on the real-life application of the Law of Growth. Enjoy this week's notes and let me know your comments. =One Love= –A

Week 5 Year 3 – Week 5 Notes

Boo!👻 Hola, amigos. Check out this week's notes, amidst a week full of movements, change and action. Hope you get some value and let me know your thoughts, k??? =One Love= –A

Week 3 Year 3 – Where are the notes?

Short story? There are no notes. Why not? I missed class. Why on earth did I missed it if I like it so much? Well, part of my DMP was crystallizing into the real world that day, let me explain briefly. I'm keying a project called CANICARTE.com and it consists of art classes to elementary… Continue reading Week 3 Year 3 – Where are the notes?

Week 8 Year 2 – Governed by Law

HUGE insights this week, amigos! Keep reading. Ok. No bike ride this week folks, sorry! Also a big sorry on being late again, broken laptop really set me back to the caves with digital activities, yet things are showing up, growing up and speeding up. Week 8, this second year through the MKEMMA, took away… Continue reading Week 8 Year 2 – Governed by Law

Week 7 Year 2 – Two Steps Forward, One Step Back?

Welcome to Week 7 of the MKEMMA weekly blog posts and please excuse I have no video this week, laptop broke down and editing is limited on my phone. Part 7 brought up a lot of depth and revelations and specially enjoyed the analogy of the architect planning a 30 storey, makes it super clear… Continue reading Week 7 Year 2 – Two Steps Forward, One Step Back?