Week 23 Year 2 – Reflecting Wealth

Hola, Alejandro here with Week 23!   Let me tell you a story.   Back in 2016 I had a good idea. It came down on me like I suppose many good ideas come down to you: in the shower! This great idea said something like, “If success leaves clues, then look at success and… Continue reading Week 23 Year 2 – Reflecting Wealth


Week 8 Year 2 – Governed by Law

HUGE insights this week, amigos! Keep reading. Ok. No bike ride this week folks, sorry! Also a big sorry on being late again, broken laptop really set me back to the caves with digital activities, yet things are showing up, growing up and speeding up. Week 8, this second year through the MKEMMA, took away… Continue reading Week 8 Year 2 – Governed by Law