Week 24 Year 2 – Reflecting Truth

Welcome to Week 24, the final week of the course.   We have come to an understanding of various delicate balances that dominate the Universal, which also have been proven to be in accordance with Natural Law. May be inexplicable and intangible, yet so precise and exact.   Concepts of practice, thought, religion, physical sciences, philosophy,… Continue reading Week 24 Year 2 – Reflecting Truth


Week 22 Year 2 – Reflecting Health

Hi, guys. Have you ever thought about why do we get sick when we least need it? Days before a hard presentation or performance, after some major event in our lives that we need to deal with, or when we are supposedly enjoying ourselves during a vacation? Has it happened to you? I'm sure it… Continue reading Week 22 Year 2 – Reflecting Health

Week 21 Year 2 – Reflecting Greatness

Hey, guys, Alejandro here. =) How come there are great men and women, with great intentions, who die with even greater ideas inside, that even recognize the existence of Natural Laws, but somehow arbitrarily refuse to believe in the existence of Spiritual Laws? Laws that cannot have a mathematical expression yet, manifest with immutable, mathematical precision.… Continue reading Week 21 Year 2 – Reflecting Greatness

Week 19 Year 2 – Reflecting Spiritual Power

Hello, guys! I know, I know!!! It's been a while. A WHILE. Please excuse me, I'm working on too many things at once and really my plate is overflowing right now. I take it as a symptom of quick changes in life. Being too busy developing and creating stuff that we found ourselves 2:30 am… Continue reading Week 19 Year 2 – Reflecting Spiritual Power

Week 12 Year 2 – Laws-R-Us

This week I was thinking about our lawful lives. We are always living by laws, but we're not always complying with the correct side. Hope you find some value with this entry. Thanks for watching. One Love -A https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MkhpyjoDjf4 Transcript: Hi, this is Alejandro and this is my bike. Welcome to the quickest catch up… Continue reading Week 12 Year 2 – Laws-R-Us

Week 15 Year 2 – Reflecting Inharmony

Does it happen to you that you want to have your plan manifested, but it doesn't?   Hope you like this week's video.   Transcript:   Hi, this is Alejandro, and this is my bike. Let's go, guys!   Hey, first off, I'd really want to thank you for taking your time to watch these… Continue reading Week 15 Year 2 – Reflecting Inharmony

Week 13 Year 2 – It’s All Around Us

Hi folks! Hope you enjoy this week's catch-up episode, talking about the dream world. Happy New Year, amigos! >One Love< -A https://youtu.be/qtd40Fb9DgE Transcript: Hey guys, this is Alejandro, and this is the catch up ride, welcome back! Ok, quick update, been really running against the clock to catch up everywhere, the business, updating the web, new… Continue reading Week 13 Year 2 – It’s All Around Us