Week 22A Year 3 – Week 22A Notes

Hello wanderers, welcome to A Master Key System dot com. Take a look at this week's notes and while you're at it consider your own life and how great it is, think about the greatness lying within you, how you can act and treat other people with greatness. Lori Hammond did an awesome job sharing… Continue reading Week 22A Year 3 – Week 22A Notes

Week 22 Year 3 – Week 22 Notes

Hello wanderers, welcome back! The MKE is quickly coming to an end, unbelievable how time flies when you're learning. Well, this week's webby was no short of astonishing because we discussed how we could use Fear, Anger, Hurt Feelings, Unworthiness and Guilt, instead of as roadblocks, as building blocks. Can you imagine how much faster… Continue reading Week 22 Year 3 – Week 22 Notes

Week 21 Year 3 – Week 21 Webby Notes

Hello, folks! Welcome back. Check out last Sunday's webby notes. Marvelous insights here, hope you get as many value from this as I did. =One Love= –A

Change is the Only Constant

My mentor always says that people hate change, that's why they prefer to stay within their comfort zone. It's cozy, warm and known. But if we look around, change is the only constant. Inside and out, without change everything would be no more than a cold, dead, statue of fixed, inert molecules. Stephen Covey used… Continue reading Change is the Only Constant

Week 17 Year 3 – The Franklin Makeover

Hello amigos, welcome back! Just curious, did you ever saw this show on TV called "10 Years Younger"? Do you remember what it is about? Well, if you haven't, here it is: They had this "normal" looking person standing inside a soundproofed transparent cabin in the middle of a public space and the host of the… Continue reading Week 17 Year 3 – The Franklin Makeover

Week 16 Year 3 – Grati-cards

Hello, folks! Welcome back. Just curious, how do you make sure you're going on the right path to more blessings in your life? Easy, you jot 3 things that you're grateful for every day! Why? Because when we focus in the things which we feel grateful for, more things to be grateful for will appear… Continue reading Week 16 Year 3 – Grati-cards

Week 15 Year 3 – Week 15 Notes

Hello, guys! Welcome back! This webby was heavy, hard-hitting fact after another. Exciting times. Starting with the thrilling progression of the Franklin Makeover, focusing on the real-life application of the Law of Growth. Enjoy this week's notes and let me know your comments. =One Love= –A

Week 13 Year 3 – Week 13 Notes

Hello, amigos. Welcome once more to A Master Key System dot com. Truly this course is serious business, honestly there is #NothingLikeIt and this week is proof. Markey shared with us the powerful NARC method to propel ourselves faster into our desired lives. Let me tell you, if you want to really FEEL what winning… Continue reading Week 13 Year 3 – Week 13 Notes

Week 11 Year 3 – Persistence

Hello, folks. Welcome once again! I'm honored you're here! You're probably wondering where are the notes. Well, don't think about the notes this week, k? Just think about which tiny 4 habits, if done religiously over a small period of time, could provide you, beyond the shadow of a doubt, with the number one character… Continue reading Week 11 Year 3 – Persistence

Week 9 Year 3 – Week 9 Notes

Hello, guys. Happy Thanksgiving! Here I present Week 9 Notes where we talked about more brain science and how the MKE focuses its tools and strategies by leveraging the inherent capabilities of our natural functioning and methods of learning. I really like that idea of "no method left behind" because it gives us more choices… Continue reading Week 9 Year 3 – Week 9 Notes