Week 19 Year 2 – Reflecting Spiritual Power

Hello, guys! I know, I know!!! It's been a while. A WHILE. Please excuse me, I'm working on too many things at once and really my plate is overflowing right now. I take it as a symptom of quick changes in life. Being too busy developing and creating stuff that we found ourselves 2:30 am… Continue reading Week 19 Year 2 – Reflecting Spiritual Power


Week 12 Year 2 – Laws-R-Us

This week I was thinking about our lawful lives. We are always living by laws, but we're not always complying with the correct side. Hope you find some value with this entry. Thanks for watching. One Love -A https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MkhpyjoDjf4 Transcript: Hi, this is Alejandro and this is my bike. Welcome to the quickest catch up… Continue reading Week 12 Year 2 – Laws-R-Us