Week 24 Year 2 – Reflecting Truth

Welcome to Week 24, the final week of the course.   We have come to an understanding of various delicate balances that dominate the Universal, which also have been proven to be in accordance with Natural Law. May be inexplicable and intangible, yet so precise and exact.   Concepts of practice, thought, religion, physical sciences, philosophy,… Continue reading Week 24 Year 2 – Reflecting Truth


Week 17 HJ Year 2 – Reflecting Heroic Spirit

Hey, welcome to the Week 17 HJ!   I've got a good story. This is a week where we come to THE fork in the road, there's mysterious calls, twists and surprising endings!   Please excuse lack of video this week, I'm going to be refraining from that for a moment to stick with written… Continue reading Week 17 HJ Year 2 – Reflecting Heroic Spirit

Week 13 Year 2 – It’s All Around Us

Hi folks! Hope you enjoy this week's catch-up episode, talking about the dream world. Happy New Year, amigos! >One Love< -A https://youtu.be/qtd40Fb9DgE Transcript: Hey guys, this is Alejandro, and this is the catch up ride, welcome back! Ok, quick update, been really running against the clock to catch up everywhere, the business, updating the web, new… Continue reading Week 13 Year 2 – It’s All Around Us