Week 18 Year 2 – Reflecting Individuality

Hi folks, welcome to Week 18!   This Week has brought many different insights and I'm totally blown away by all the linkings and relations there are in this Part of the Master Key.   Everywhere I read, there's applications and wisdom that we all can integrate so we are able to see the invisible when… Continue reading Week 18 Year 2 – Reflecting Individuality


Week 17 Year 2 – The Crying Ends Today

Have you got tired of this cry yet? Watch this week's video if you want to stop crying. One Love -A Transcript: Hi, this is Alejandro and this is my bike. Welcome to Week 17, amigos, let's go!   Well, this week I'm sharing something I've found really, really freaky.   I guess that you as well… Continue reading Week 17 Year 2 – The Crying Ends Today