Week 22 Year 3 – Week 22 Notes

Hello wanderers, welcome back! The MKE is quickly coming to an end, unbelievable how time flies when you're learning. Well, this week's webby was no short of astonishing because we discussed how we could use Fear, Anger, Hurt Feelings, Unworthiness and Guilt, instead of as roadblocks, as building blocks. Can you imagine how much faster… Continue reading Week 22 Year 3 – Week 22 Notes

Week 18 Year 3 – Knowledge = Power

Therefore, Lack of Knowledge = Lack of Power. "... no higher fruit than that of the parent stock can be produced; so in the spiritual world no effect can be produced until the seed is sown and the fruit will depend upon the nature of the seed..." This excerpt from Part 18 tells about the… Continue reading Week 18 Year 3 – Knowledge = Power

Change is the Only Constant

My mentor always says that people hate change, that's why they prefer to stay within their comfort zone. It's cozy, warm and known. But if we look around, change is the only constant. Inside and out, without change everything would be no more than a cold, dead, statue of fixed, inert molecules. Stephen Covey used… Continue reading Change is the Only Constant

Week 17 HJ Year 3 – Week 17 HJ Notes

Hello guys! This week's webby was strong. Deep insights, hard messages, impactful concepts and, honestly, I even cried at some point. I must admit that I haven't been 100% on spot on all the exercises, yet after this class, I'm pretty sure I want to "up the ante" and REALLY dig in. Please enjoy the… Continue reading Week 17 HJ Year 3 – Week 17 HJ Notes

Week 15 Year 3 – Week 15 Notes

Hello, guys! Welcome back! This webby was heavy, hard-hitting fact after another. Exciting times. Starting with the thrilling progression of the Franklin Makeover, focusing on the real-life application of the Law of Growth. Enjoy this week's notes and let me know your comments. =One Love= –A

Week 10 Year 3 – I Promise to Manifest…

... LIBERTY AND LEGACY! And I always keep my promises. Hey there, guys. How's everything going? Guess what? I have great news! I have shifted one of my PPNs! Recognition for Creative Expression was spot on to get me going, but after all, I realized and accepted that what I'm after is not the recognition,… Continue reading Week 10 Year 3 – I Promise to Manifest…

Week 5 Year 3 – Week 5 Notes

Boo!👻 Hola, amigos. Check out this week's notes, amidst a week full of movements, change and action. Hope you get some value and let me know your thoughts, k??? =One Love= –A

Week 4 year 3 – Why do we refuse the call?

Staring at Campbell's '17 stages of the monomyth,' I'm remarkably drawn to the second, as regards of being the hardest to overcome and break away from. But why? Why do we refuse the call? Why do so many fail to answer? What's so seducing about precedent that it scares us to leave it behind? So… Continue reading Week 4 year 3 – Why do we refuse the call?

Week 4 Year 3 – Session 4 Notes

Hello, guys! Welcome to this week's notes, filled with SCIENCEEE! Jokes aside, this is one of my fav early chapters, and the way the MKE Staff delivers the data... Pivotal week this is. Feeling grateful.   =One Love= –A

Week 3 Year 3 – Where are the notes?

Short story? There are no notes. Why not? I missed class. Why on earth did I missed it if I like it so much? Well, part of my DMP was crystallizing into the real world that day, let me explain briefly. I'm keying a project called CANICARTE.com and it consists of art classes to elementary… Continue reading Week 3 Year 3 – Where are the notes?