Week 23 Year 3 – Tennyson’s Beautiful Lines

Hello, amigos, welcome back. This week I'm electrified. What a week! Well, for one, there is this massive histeria going on all over the globe with this coronavirus pandemic spreading like wildfire catching (almost) everyone off guard. Don't fret, I'm not going to delve into that, I believe there's more than enough coverage about it everywhere… Continue reading Week 23 Year 3 – Tennyson’s Beautiful Lines

Week 22A Year 3 – Week 22A Notes

Hello wanderers, welcome to A Master Key System dot com. Take a look at this week's notes and while you're at it consider your own life and how great it is, think about the greatness lying within you, how you can act and treat other people with greatness. Lori Hammond did an awesome job sharing… Continue reading Week 22A Year 3 – Week 22A Notes

Week 22 Year 3 – Week 22 Notes

Hello wanderers, welcome back! The MKE is quickly coming to an end, unbelievable how time flies when you're learning. Well, this week's webby was no short of astonishing because we discussed how we could use Fear, Anger, Hurt Feelings, Unworthiness and Guilt, instead of as roadblocks, as building blocks. Can you imagine how much faster… Continue reading Week 22 Year 3 – Week 22 Notes

Week 21 Year 3 – Week 21 Webby Notes

Hello, folks! Welcome back. Check out last Sunday's webby notes. Marvelous insights here, hope you get as many value from this as I did. =One Love= –A

Week 21 Year 3 – The Space Within

Hello, amigos. Recalling something startling that came on last Sunday's webby, when The Fabulous Davene was talking about how there's more "nothing than something" hidden in matter and how one of the most influential characters in history was comparing it to a miraculous existence.I just kept coming back to Haanel… See if you can catch my… Continue reading Week 21 Year 3 – The Space Within

Week 20 Year 3 – Week 20 Webby Notes

Hola amigos, welcome back. This has been a fantastic week for me. Even though I was feeling a bit under the weather with flu-like symptoms, runny nose and stuff, amidst all the news about the virus coming from China, you know? Attended a biomagnetism appointment which helped me a lot with that. New opportunities opening… Continue reading Week 20 Year 3 – Week 20 Webby Notes

Week 19 Year 3 – The Search for Power

Hello, amigos. Welcome back. 🙂 Friday night, after a heavy and busy week, I've found that when we're awakening our internal fire the heat might reach ends that we're not aware of. Abundance of doors begin to show right in front of us but, we don't have to be taking all of them. This week,… Continue reading Week 19 Year 3 – The Search for Power

Week 18 Year 3 – Knowledge = Power

Therefore, Lack of Knowledge = Lack of Power. "... no higher fruit than that of the parent stock can be produced; so in the spiritual world no effect can be produced until the seed is sown and the fruit will depend upon the nature of the seed..." This excerpt from Part 18 tells about the… Continue reading Week 18 Year 3 – Knowledge = Power

Change is the Only Constant

My mentor always says that people hate change, that's why they prefer to stay within their comfort zone. It's cozy, warm and known. But if we look around, change is the only constant. Inside and out, without change everything would be no more than a cold, dead, statue of fixed, inert molecules. Stephen Covey used… Continue reading Change is the Only Constant

Week 17 HJ Year 3 – Week 17 HJ Notes

Hello guys! This week's webby was strong. Deep insights, hard messages, impactful concepts and, honestly, I even cried at some point. I must admit that I haven't been 100% on spot on all the exercises, yet after this class, I'm pretty sure I want to "up the ante" and REALLY dig in. Please enjoy the… Continue reading Week 17 HJ Year 3 – Week 17 HJ Notes